En este momento estás viendo Sustainability and green fertilizers in our fruit trees.

Sustainability and green fertilizers in our fruit trees.

Do you know what are the Cover Crops?

These are organic fertilizers, they are planted between the rows of our fruit trees to then be cut and fertilized in the same rows thus preventing the land from being uncovered. In this way it increases the organic matter and nutrients of the soil.

As a company we are committed to the care of the land and more importantly we want to transform it and make it more fertile in order to contribute to a greener and more sustainable world over time, green fertilizers are a regenerative agriculture strategy and here are some of its benefits:

  • Weed control
  • In the case of green manures of legumes, they enrich the soil in Nitrogen
  • The structure of the soil is improved thanks to the penetration of its roots
  • Air improvement and water circulation
  • They favor the nutrition of the plants that will be grown later in that same soil
  • Many green manures have flowers that attract pollinating insects 
  • Maintain the temperature and humidity of the substrate.